Focus Performance "Grip Socks"

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Focus Performance "Grip Socks" - Players Edition

Grip Socks are now becoming the choice of athletes around the globe due to their performance benefits and are widely used in many sports from Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Football, etc to name a few.

These performance socks are designed to enhance feel and grip within your footwear during the rigours of sport.

They help your shoe fit better and stop your feet from sliding due to a sweat buildup when playing sport. The grips also stimulate your feet providing better balance and posture, which helps control the impact of your foot during play. 

Featuring a thick Cotton Polyester material, the socks are very durable and long lasting.

Comes in 2 Colours and 2 Sizes;

  • White - Medium Sz 6-9 & Large Sz 10-13
  • Black - Medium Sz 6-9 & Large Sz 10-13

$25.00 AUD