When Choosing a Bat - Grains do not affect performance

Picture in the blog is Sachin Tendulkar's original bat....

As you can see from the image, even the best batsmen of the modern era was not concerned about grains... This 7 grain bat is testament to the fact that the amount of grains have absolutely nothing to do with performance, so in future when purchasing a bat, do not base your decision on grains only.

Sometimes a 5 grain bat or an ugly cheap butterfly willow bat will perform like a canon. In most instances imperfections or blemishes in the face of the bat actually enhance performance when the ball strikes these.

The key to a great performing bat is in the individual pressing of the cleft during the manufacturing process, to achieve the very best performance out of each and every cleft used to make the bat. We here at Focus do not press every cleft the same and adjust the pressing to suit each individual piece of willow, in order to achieve the best possible performance from the cleft we are working with for that particular bat. This is the benefit from a totally hand made bat which we customise by our process - every bat in our range will perform beautifully for our customer.

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