Focus Cricket - Handmade Australian Premium Cricket Bats


Focus Cricket. Boutique Australian bats and cricket equipment. 

Focus Sport was developed through the love of the game, to manufacture high quality and bespoke sporting equipment, designed by a player who understands the player’s needs.


Based in Perth Australia with links to the UK, Focus Sport is a small boutique company run by passionate athletes who share a deep love for the game and its equipment. As such, we have spent many years in development of our range to provide the best possible cricket equipment to players, from grassroots sports to the professional playing field.

From design to production, we research the current trends to provide you modern and innovative equipment, that will help you perform on the field and feel comfortable off the field.

Quality is our number one goal here at Focus Sport. Every product we make is made to the highest possible standards, with the finest quality materials and attention to detail.


"Focus Sport Australia - for the player who appreciates quality"


  Focus Sport - Boutique Australian cricket bats, gloves, bats and cricket kit.

Sponsorship / Player Support

The Focus Sponsorship Scheme (FS2) is all about giving talented sports-people access to quality cricket equipment to enhance their performance. The scheme consists of tiers relating to the level of cricket played, which offers the chance for players to be rewarded with greater discounts as they move up the ranks, from grade to academy cricket, to representative cricket, onto state cricket.

We currently have 2 tiers of sponsorship - Full Sponsorship (free equipment) and Subsidised or Part Sponsorship (discounted equipment).


 FULL SPONSORSHIPS offered by Focus are invitational only and are limited to an elite few players each year. Generally speaking, these players are people recommended to Focus by close associates or players Focus have closely been monitoring in regards to their suitability to our brand.

Please do not apply for Full Sponsorship as it is an invite only application - there are no vacancies unless we personally invite you.


PART SPONSORSHIPS offered by Focus involve a discount off a FULL KIT purchase only.

To be considered for a part sponsorship you must demonstrate a history of representative cricket/hockey or show a passion for the sport via your community or regular and ongoing social media posts to a large following or audience. Part Sponsorships will vary in the level of discounts depending the audience we are exposed to.


In general, sponsorships are a partnership between athlete and brand. For Focus the brand to survive and grow we require assistance from our athletes to actively promote our brand within your local community and general public.

Focus receives many applications for sponsorship on a weekly basis. Unless you fit every element of the above criteria, you will not be considered. All applications may not always receive a response due to the volume of applications received.