Focus Mi-Club

Focus Mi-Club - custom club cricket kit

Focus Mi-Club

Focus Mi-Club is here to cover all of your club customisation needs.

From Teamwear, Bags, Helmets, Stumps and more, just get in touch and we discuss creating a completely custom design for your club kit.



Focus Mi-Club - custom designed cricket kit, bags, helmets, stumps and more.    

Club Teamwear

Match whites, match T20 outfits, training wear, baggy caps, wide brim hats, baseball caps.

Club Kit Bags

Large Wheelie Bags, Duffle Bags & training backpacks customised with club logos.

Club Cricket Stumps

Customised with club or sponsors logo’s.

Club Helmets

Customised with club logo.

Club Flags

Customised club flags.

Just get in touch if you would like to find out more and we can talk through the process.