Focus Cricket - Handmade Australian cricket bats, cricket gloves, cricket pads, cricket bags and cricket gear

Focus Cricket

For the player who appreciates quality.

At Focus Sport we dedicate ourselves to creating the highest quality Cricket gear available on the market. With exclusive and limited edition product runs, our range of Handmade Cricket Bats, Pads, Gloves, Bags and gear are designed with one single goal... to boost your game to the next level.



Focus Cricket Bats - handmade Australian English Willow Bats 

Handmade Custom Cricket Bats

Our custom made cricket bats have been carefully hand crafted by our highly skilled and reputable bat maker, designed to exacting standards as used by many current international players.

Made from the finest English Willow, with striking designs and performance to match. 

We are constantly evolving our range, with bat profiles to suit different players and sizes to suit all ages from children, teens and adults.




Cricket Gloves

Our custom gloves are the perfect addition to your kit bag to help you outperform your competition in style.

Our glove range is not only designed to look and feel good, but they also offer a level of protection every batsmen needs when scoring runs in the heat of the battle.

We have a full range of adult, youth and boys sizes.


Focus Cricket Gloves - Professional level limited cricket gloves


Focus Cricket Pads - Test ready professional Australian Cricket Pads 

Cricket Pads

Our top of the line test quality pads offer all the features you need to win.

Ultra lightweight, cane and high density foam padding, boosted side protection, meh liners for temperature control and many more features that make Focus pads stand out.

Available in adult and youth sizes. 




Cricket Bags

When it comes to bags, experience the difference and see why we have forged a strong reputation for excellence when it comes to cricket kit bags

From individual bat sleeves, to our large wheelie bags, we have you covered from game day, to international travel.




Cricket Accessories

Our cricket accessories includes a wide range of gear to raise your game.

From our Premium Alum tanned leather cricket balls, to sweat bands and custom Focus scuff sheets. Our range of accessories cover everything you need, and we will be adding more products to the site in the coming months. 

Stay tuned for our Focus fashion range of caps, t-shirts and more coming to the store very soon.