Focus Raw Cricket Bat - Small Short Handle

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$450.00 AUD

This year, the Focus Black Raw Cricket Bat will be manufactured in a range of typical Player shapes. Each bat will be superbly balanced and designed to accomodate the player chasing a full profiled players bat.

Most profiles will be based on current international player bats through a selection of grades and weights, giving the customer choice through varying price points... All bats are pressed for performance so no matter the grade selected, each bat will perform beautifully.


Key Points

 Hand crafted from the finest English Willow (Sourced from the UK)

• Each bat is individually & uniquely pressed to achieve the optimum performance from each piece of willow used

• Generous edges incorporating a full profile

• Superbly balanced with a light pickup for superior bat speed to clear the boundaries

• Mid to mid low middle with an extended spine to exaggerate the length of the sweet spot

• Suited to players who like to play all round the wicket

Semi Oval Handle, with medium thickness

• Weights from 2lb6oz

Click here to view the Focus Cricket bat sizing guide.

English Willow Grading System:

• Professional Series - Super Grade 1+ - Top 10% of Willow - Graded on looks and performance.

• Limited Series – Grade 1 (Premium Range) - Hand selected for performance and appearance.

• Select Series – Hand Selected and Graded on Performance, excellent value



All images of cricket bats on this website are for illustration purposes only and do not refer to the actual bat you are purchasing. English Willow is a natural product and natural product variations do exist.

Please refer to the grading chart in reference to selecting your preferred bat.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.