Focus Pure Cricket Bat - Full Size

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$425.00 AUD

The FOCUS PURE Cricket Bat is the ultimate bat for the elite cricketer who loves to play all the shots around the ground - a 360 degree batsmen. 

With the Pure Range of bats we have raised the middle to a mid middle position, whilst still managing a full shape and elongated spin for an enhanced sweet spot. Weight is evenly distributed throughout the bat, resulting in better balance and pickup with a massive hitting zone. The PURE shape creates the perfect marriage for batsmen who are strong square of the wicket and down the ground.

Key Points

 Hand crafted from the finest English Willow (Sourced from the UK)

• Each bat is individually & uniquely pressed to achieve the optimum performance from each piece of willow used.

• Generous edges incorporating a slight offset edge and duckbill profile

• Superbly balanced with light pickup

• Mid middle position with an extended spine to enhance the sweet-spot

• Suited to the players who play all round the wicket both front and back foot

• Semi Oval Handle, with medium thickness

• Weights from 2lb8oz – 2lb12oz


Click here to view the Focus Cricket bat sizing guide.


English Willow Grading System:

• Professional Series – Limited to 10 bats per season (best of the best), top 5% of Grade1+ Willow.

• Limited Series – Grade 1 (Hand Selected) – Our best range of Limited Grade 1 bats for the season.

• Select Series – Grade 1-2 (Premium Range) - Hand selected for performance and value.

• Performance Series – Graded on Performance, not appearance (super value) - Generally the best performing Grade 3 willow available.

• Butterfly Series - Butterfly English Willow (stained willow with superb performance) - May not be pretty but goes like a train.



All images of cricket bats on this website are for illustration purposes only and do not refer to the actual bat you are purchasing. English Willow is a natural product and natural product variations do exist.

Please refer to the grading chart in reference to selecting your preferred bat.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.